Wedding Styling – Pricing depends on number of individuals

I have attended weddings where invitees have thought I was the host or groom sometimes and they have inquired where I have purchased my accessories and attires. I am willing to style the groom and groomsmen for weddings according to their desired colors and expected impact customised to different tastes.

I have socially linked up with people who run outfits that provide wedding facilities from decorations, sitting arrangements, sophisticated cakes up to limo/vintage automobiles/luxury rides and concierge services.

So not only am I styling the groom and groom’s men to look like fly guys but I’m also delivering an atmosphere of opulence to complement their attires. I also give tips to the ladies so the men do not take over the day, at good prices too.

Let Shugz London make your wedding a celebrity one. Come under the umbrella of Haus of Shugarr.


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