Wardrobe Consultation – £150

A lot of men are not very confident about the composition of their wardrobe. I am willing to provide a bespoke wardrobe consultation that is very informative by simply carrying out a current outlook assessment of your wardrobe, and getting rid of unwanted attires or advising on how to revamp or optimize existing clothes.

Personal Shopping – £200 for one-off big shopping or 20% of shopping costs on one-off individual attire

Personal shopping does scare a lot of men because they think they have to spend loads of money. I have read a lot of stories about how to build great things from little or no money which is how I have been able to build a fantastic wardrobe of diverse attires. I can help you achieve this also, remember it is not how you start but how you finish that matters. I am willing to take time out with you to places you thought are too expensive just to show you how the right rapport can get you fantastic deals. Also, you should not underestimate that cornershop, some of them do have unique menswear that will make you unique and distinguished amongst your peers.

How would you like to be styled by Shugz? Come shopping with me and watch me provide you with informative tips, tools and advice that will help you resolve all those pseudo fashion conundrums.

I would however recommend that prior to our meeting, you permit me to carry out a pre-consultation to discuss your needs, expectations, lifestyle, and occupation. This will allow me to go away and prepare a bespoke styling and shopping plan specific to your particular needs.

Online styling – £100 (via Skype, FaceTime or other video media)

Not everyone has the time out of their busy schedule to meet up for a one on one personal styling, so I am able to have a live online chat or video chat about what not to wear or how to wear any part of an attire with flexible advice on how to mix and match the accessories and colors from what suit color goes with what shoe. I give expert guidance and inspiration, enough to make you confidently look the desired part at your special occasion.

To begin an online styling consultation I will prepare a style mood board which will include images of suggested looks. From there I will offer recommendations of where to purchase the ideal look or item for what you are looking for, with useful tips and guidance to help you prepare for any future styling challenge.

Wedding Styling – Pricing depends on number of individuals

I have attended weddings where invitees have thought I was the host or groom sometimes and have inquired where I have purchased my accessories and attires. I am willing to style the groom and groomsmen for weddings according to their desired colors and expected impact customised to different tastes.


I am willing to recommend various menswear stores where I have made purchases and can guarantee they will have specific attires that you desire. Also, if there are any of the accessories I have displayed in my portfolio that you desire, I can acquire them specially for you. These include bespoke suits and made-to-order footwear expertly personalised if needed.