How did my men’s fashion proclivities start? Just a young kid who always looked up to his everyday dapper looking dad, a London educated man with eye on finesse. Yes, my dad introduced me to the world of suits and stylish shoes. When other kids were asked what they wanted to become when they grew up, most responses were doctors, lawyers, astronauts, engineers, policemen etc, mine was I wanna have as many suits and shoes as pops.

About Me

You call me Shugz, obviously from my first name Allan and my encompassing wealthy persona like Lord Sugar but really I have always been Shugz (Fanta) from my youth days, ask my parents. 

I grew up as one of the shyest kids amongst my peers through out my teens up to my mid-twenties and then one day it happened, I stood out amongst my peers as the most dapper new kid on the block. Without gloating, I have been the smartest and best dressed employee in all the establishments I have worked to the extent of being recognized by my immediate line managers up to CEOs both internal and external. I have been advised by close friends and family to make something out of this natural talent which is why I am at this stage of my life today. VOILA, the godfather of swagger aka Tha god Swagga.

I have been approached by everyday ordinary men to dress them up like I do and I have advised them on things to look out for when dressing up which is almost extinct today in the general tshirt and jeans wearing UK public. Also been approached by celebrites via private messages on advice and personal wardrobe consulting.

Haus of Shugarr (House of Shugz) had to be birthed in order to encapsulate my stylish talents and all other visions that I am going to accomplish in the very near future. 

My Vision

To be a recognizable impact in the men’s fashion world, luxury lifestyle and travels and tours.

My Mission

1. Bringing the etiquettes of proper dapper dressing to the ordinary man who desires to be a well dressed gentleman and making him an extraordinary gentleman.

2. Revealing the lifestyle of luxury to those who appreciate being sophisticated and classy. Luxury is not the opposite of Poverty, but the opposite of Vulgarity, ask Chanel.

3. Showing the world how to travel and enjoy touring in luxury at unbelievable prices.

I wish to humbly acknowledge those wonderful people who kicked my ass into setting up this website to showcase my passion for fashion, blustery for luxury and gravel for travel, including my true inspirations.

Allistair Fakeye, Victor Fakeye II, Richard Onitolo, Femi Olawoyin, Michelle Ali, Tisha Martin and of course my forever dapper Pops, Victor Fakeye I and fashionista momma, Augustina Fakeye.

All Glory to GOD.

My works are dedicated to Allan Fakeye II, Alexavier Fakeye, Allistair Fakeye and Allivia Fakeye.