Welcome to Haüs of Shügarr

Designers Create Garments But Stylists Animate Garments

When you walk into a room in your Armani suit, all everyone recognizes is your suit. It is about time everyone recognizes who is wearing the suit and that’s precisely where Shügz comes in.

It’s 15:15 in the PM on that fateful day of July the 5th 2015, after celebrating Independence Day on a train from Finsbury Park to KingsCross London, that my calling dawned on me that I was born a Stylist. I used to buy clothes for a non-existent girlfriend, style and match them and keep in my closet, hoping one day I’d find her. I also used to style and advise friends on what goes with what and what doesn’t, now all that finally makes sense.

Welcome to Haüs of Shügarr, an umbrella of opportunities where people of sophisticated tastes in fashion, luxury and travel lifestyles can embrace and explore a very creative mind, determined to reveal and deliver simple methodologies in achieving that savoir faire status.

My folks call me Allan Fakeye but you all call me Shügz. Enjoy and share in my world of sophisticated intrigue.